Sports Nutrition Testimonials

Crossfit Athlete and Ex Fad Dieter

Emily Fultz is an incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and kind sports nutritionist. I am a [teenage] crossfit athlete. Athletic performance and nutrition are both very important to me. I have been experimenting with fad diets since I was 14 years old but have not been happy with my progress. I did not know what I should be eating and my attempts to be healthy were not effective. I began consulting Emily about my nutrition in April and it has completely changed my life. I am now eating a much more diverse range of foods and I enjoy eating more. I am not hungry all the time and do not feel stressed about food. Not only has my mental health greatly improved, so has my athletic performance and physical health. I am working much less hard and achieving much better results. It is all thanks to Emily. I feel much happier and healthier. Not only has Emily’s advice been phenomenal, but she is always happy, optimistic, and kind. She is always genuinely concerned with my progress, and I look forward to our meetings. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Athlete + Disordered Eating

I have been working with Ms. Fultz for several months, and I can honestly say she helped turn my life around and have a better relationship with food. For years I restricted myself to eating the same thing over and over, afraid of gaining weight. When I wanted to improve my health I knew I needed help and Ms. Fultz was just the person I needed. She was completely understanding of my current situation, and helped me make small changes so as not to overwhelm me. She encouraged me to go at my own pace. With her help I started eating more wholesome and diverse food. Now I look forward to meal prep and spending more time in the grocery store (it was a lot easier when I just bought three or four things), but I love having this new relationship with food. Ms. Fultz was very helpful and would offer any support at any time. Even when I had the smallest question she was quick to offer me help in making the best decision for me. She helped me create realistic goals and continue my growth. I know I would not be where I am today without her support. Thank you so much, Ms. Fultz. Any person would be lucky to have you as they work to their professional health goals.

Division 1 Runner

I am a Division 1 track and cross-country runner. Last year, I experienced some unintentional weight loss due to a combination of lack of caloric intake with training, and digestion issues which made it hard to eat. When I came to Emily, I was very underweight and was struggling immensely with all sorts of digestion issues- bloating, acid reflux, nausea, constipation. I felt lost. I felt stuck. I knew that to gain my healthy lean muscle and fat mass back, I needed to eat more throughout the day, but I didn’t know where to start. It felt like everything that I ate made my stomach hurt and I was often afraid to eat things for fear of that. For the past 7 months, I have been working with Emily to increase my daily caloric intake and gain weight to reach a healthy body weight again. Emily has helped me to determine which foods I actually have an intolerance too, and which foods I can digest well. She has also helped me immensely decrease my anxiety around food and eating. Most importantly, Emily has helped me to understand the amount of fuel that my very active body needs on a daily basis (which is A LOT more than I ever thought) and therefore, I have been able to put on a substantial amount of weight in the last 7 months. I am still in the process of gaining more weight, but I am so happy that I came to Emily for help when I did. I am currently feeling so much stronger (mentally and physically) compared to how I felt 7 months ago. My workouts have been increasingly better and my mental clarity and happiness has increased as well! Even more, Emily’s personality, attitude, and kindness are so warming. She is always willing to listen to you and work with you. She is able to offer many options to cater to your needs without being harsh or judging.

Professional International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion

I’m a professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter that is notorious for bad weight cuts. One time it was so bad I passed out in a hotel bathroom trying to make weight for the next day. When I started with Emily, she was immediately welcoming and friendly and told me there would be no judgement so I could be honest. I don’t particularly eat unhealthy on the regular, but I can eat a lot of food which is where my issues come from. Emily gave me information on how I could lose weight but still feel good. My weight cuts in the past made me feel tired and irritable and I could still perform well, but it was always miserable and difficult to cut the weight. Then I’d usually crash and feel horrible after tournaments. She shifted my focus from calorie reduction to just simply starting earlier and balancing my meals and nutrition. She’s pretty lenient on what you can eat and how often, but she taught me that it’s all about balance and smart choices. So here I am, about to fly out to Europe feeling great after losing almost 10 pounds for this tournament. I’ve never made weight so early and felt so great doing it. 

High School Football Player

I used to think that what you eat does not matter if you work out, until I met Emily. In just three visits with her I have lost percent body fat, gained muscle, noticed improvements in energy, and beat personal records in the weight room. She helped me tweak my current nutrition to enhance my performance on the field, and the changes have not gone unnoticed by my coaches. I feel a lot more confident in the possibility of a collegiate career thanks to her!


As a Type1 diabetic and an aging athlete, working out and working harder in workouts appeared the only option however, results were not happening.  I sought out Emily to explore the “other” part of diabetes and sport management- nutrition! Emily’s approach to my nutritional strategy was incredible.  She worked out a daily diet plan, not too complex, that resulted in my having more energy during workouts and improved recovery.  The changes she suggested in my workout and race refueling helped tremendously.  I believe my work with Emily helped me improve my recent half iron time by a whopping 45 minutes!

Jiu Jitsu Competitor

I found Emily when I was two weeks out from my first jiu jitsu competition. I had a busy schedule, barely enough time to cook and I had a need for quick healthy meals. Not only did I need energy to train, I also needed to stay lean and lose five pounds in two weeks leading to competition. Well, Emily delivered. I made weight easily and eating clean has never been easier.

Post Bariatric Surgery Marathon Runner

Emily was recommended to me after some health issues during and after a marathon. She offered me realistic changes and suggestions on ways to improve my diet and running.  The changes were based on my individual needs and concerns and specific to my lifestyle and likes/dislikes.  And therefore easier for me to begin and continue.  I highly recommend a consult with her.  I would go back when I begin training for another marathon if needed or just for a tune up.

Marathon Runner

I started Emily’s three month sports nutrition program prior to my half marathon. The counseling sessions were so educational, and the best part was that everything she suggested fit into my current lifestyle. I felt more energized and motivated during my training, so my times were improving week after week. I also noticed a decrease in my soreness levels, so I was able to train the following day. It was the best half marathon I ever ran, and more importantly I am now living a healthier life!

Body Builder Weight Cut

Emily helped me with bulking and cutting. Her main priority was to make sure that I did it in a healthy way. She put me on a 12 week program to bulk up and then 12 weeks to cut down for my trip to Jamaica. I bulked in 12 weeks to 255 lbs from 240 lbs. When it was time for Jamaica – I was a lean 235 lbs. This was all accomplished with her nutrition advice and weightlifting 5 days a week.

Her nutrition plan was simple and affordable, and most importantly did not alter my lifestyle. She helped me to add a variety of food/recipes to my diet. It wasn’t the usual plain chicken breast and brown rice, but instead spiced up with simple recipes that ensured my macros were met without being too boring and repetitive.