Weight Management Testimonials

Weight Loss and High Cholesterol

Emily Fultz is the real deal. She is smart, compassionate and her program works! I have been a client of hers for about three months and I am eating delicious food, lowering my cholesterol and losing weight. 

Weight Loss and % Body Fat

When I first came to Emily in January of 2020 I had a general idea about nutrition, but not the exact formula to get me to where I wanted to go. After following her plan for 30 days I was able to lose 8 pounds and went from 14.3% body fat to 10.5%. The results far exceeded my expectations! 

Division 1 Athlete (Weight Gain)

I am a Division 1 track and cross-country runner. Last year, I experienced some unintentional weight loss due to a combination of lack of caloric intake with training, and digestion issues which made it hard to eat. When I came to Emily, I was very underweight and was struggling immensely with all sorts of digestion issues- bloating, acid reflux, nausea, constipation. I felt lost. I felt stuck. I knew that to gain my healthy lean muscle and fat mass back, I needed to eat more throughout the day, but I didn’t know where to start. It felt like everything that I ate made my stomach hurt and I was often afraid to eat things for fear of that. For the past 7 months, I have been working with Emily to increase my daily caloric intake and gain weight to reach a healthy body weight again. Emily has helped me to determine which foods I actually have an intolerance too, and which foods I can digest well. She has also helped me immensely decrease my anxiety around food and eating. Most importantly, Emily has helped me to understand the amount of fuel that my very active body needs on a daily basis (which is A LOT more than I ever thought) and therefore, I have been able to put on a substantial amount of weight in the last 7 months. I am still in the process of gaining more weight, but I am so happy that I came to Emily for help when I did. I am currently feeling so much stronger (mentally and physically) compared to how I felt 7 months ago. My workouts have been increasingly better and my mental clarity and happiness has increased as well! Even more, Emily’s personality, attitude, and kindness are so warming. She is always willing to listen to you and work with you. She is able to offer many options to cater to your needs without being harsh or judging.

Cardiac and Pre-Diabetic Medical Nutrition Therapy Client

We saw Emily after my husband had his annual physical and learned he had Afib and could be pre-diabetic. He was told to get his weight down and watch his sugar intake. I went along to be supportive and understand the “diet” he would need to follow. To our pleasant surprise, there was no diet to follow, instead we were given a few lifestyle changes and an education on what to avoid and what to embrace to make the changes stick. All the changes have been easy to adopt into our lives. So far, my husband has dropped 15 pounds and his cardiologist is thrilled!
Emily thoughtfully listened, helped sift through all our needs and gave us the most appropriate and down to earth suggestions about where to make changes that would yield the biggest bang. We would highly recommend using Emily for deciphering your nutritional goals and helping to implement an effective plan to keep you on the right track moving forward. She is easily accessible through email or text messages and we thoroughly enjoy our meetings that monitor our progress.

Pediatric Pre-Diabetic Weight Loss

Like many children from blended families, our daughter lives a life with two sets of parents and two households. It means she is constantly switching between different rules, routines and diets.  As a family, we met with Emily Fultz in order to help understand the best approach to find consistency and balance between the two households in order to have a healthy nutrition plan for our daughter.  At her last doctor’s appointment, we were told that she was pre-diabetic and had slightly high cholesterol.  We knew we needed help and nutritional counseling was the first step.  Her mom researched options and found Fit with Food which was highly recommended.  During our initial meeting, Emily helped us come up with a plan that worked for everyone – in both households. She made recommendations for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with various options that were easy and affordable.  She also helped us to understand the appropriate portion sizes which can be challenging in today’s world where children often eat as much as their parents.  After one month of following Emily’s recommended nutrition plan, our daughter’s progress speaks for itself in the way she looks and feels. She has not only has lost weight/inches, she also has an abundance of energy.  We are confident that her next lab tests will show the results of the well balanced nutrition plan we received from Emily.  Thank you Emily for helping us help ourselves in supporting a healthy lifestyle for our daughter!

Weight Management (Telehealth)

She is my saving grace. I tried every TV/Online weight loss solution and found myself either not losing weight or feeling light-headed, lacking the nutrients I need. Emily videochatted me – I live 5 hours away, and I couldn’t have been happier. Right off the bat, she realized that the mass produced weight loss program I was on did not give me enough nutrients/calories and was actually unhealthy for my lifestyle. We talked for about an hour and pretty soon after she had a new regimen for me. Within a few weeks I could see the difference, and I eventually dropped the weight that I wanted to. She is extremely professional and so helpful!

Weight Loss

I sought out Emily in order to not only lose weight but to manage a healthy one. She continuously encouraged and motivated me to achieve my goal of losing 25 lbs, and she has helped me to keep it off for over 18 months. Emily is a caring individual, who is clearly passionate about helping her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about improving their health. She is the BOMB!

Athlete Weight Cut

Emily helped me with bulking and cutting. Her main priority was to make sure that I did it in a healthy way. She put me on a 12 week program to bulk up and then 12 weeks to cut down for my trip to Jamaica. I bulked in 12 weeks to 255 lbs from 240 lbs. When it was time for Jamaica – I was a lean 235 lbs. This was all accomplished with her nutrition advice and weightlifting 5 days a week.

Her nutrition plan was simple and affordable, and most importantly did not alter my lifestyle. She helped me to add a variety of food/recipes to my diet. It wasn’t the usual plain chicken breast and brown rice, but instead spiced up with simple recipes that ensured my macros were met without being too boring and repetitive.