Fit with Food is a dietetics private practice, specializing in nutrition counseling. We are registered dietitians, NOT just nutritionists, who are ready to help you achieve your goals without fad dieting. For generations, diet culture has controlled the way we think of food. It is time to take control of your health and realize that your nutrition needs are individualized to YOU!

If you are someone hoping to manage a chronic medical condition, enhance athletic performance, improve your relationship with food, or simply hoping to feel better – you have come to the right place!

Between internet searches, advertisements, and social media nutrition can be quite overwhelming. Fit with Food is here to answer your questions, help you quit the dieting, and get you back to the life you have been dreaming of. Contact us today to get started!

A Few of Our Services

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Individualized Nutrition Counseling

Dealing with an acute or chronic medical condition? Nutrition may help to alleviate or even put an end to certain symptoms!

Sports Nutrition

Fit with Food has worked with recreational, elite, and professional athletes worldwide. Adequate fueling can be the difference between a bronze and gold medal!

Public Speaking & Events

Small Groups | Corporate Wellness | Sports Teams

The Goalset Mindset Podcast

Emily was a guest on the Goalset Mindset podcast. Listen to learn about fueling for performance and common misconceptions in diet culture.

Howard County Small Business Podcast

Emily was a guest on the Howard County Small Business Podcast. Listen to learn about Fit with Food and common myths and misconceptions around nutrition.

“We would highly recommend using Emily for deciphering your nutritional goals and helping to implement an effective plan to keep you on the right track moving forward.”

Cardiac and Pre Diabetic Client