Inflammation, Diabetes, and Cardiac Health Testimonials

Inflammation and Cardiac Medical Nutrition Therapy

I started working with Emily to address certain chronic conditions mostly connected with or attributable to inflammation.  We began by examining diet and reviewing possible changes made. After that we examined other possible outcomes including lowering certain bad cholesterol levels.  Three months later I feel much more sustained levels of energy all day, enjoy preparing and eating more healthy, and I have received a 20% reduction in bad cholesterol levels proven by comparing blood work taken before and after. Next stop is the cardiologist to see if medications should be adjusted. All the results were wonderful of course but most of all I appreciate Emily’s directness and scientific and rational approach as that matched my way of understanding how things work and how to measure performance in all other areas of life.

Cardiac and Pre-Diabetic Medical Nutrition Therapy Client

We saw Emily after my husband had his annual physical and learned he had Afib and could be pre-diabetic. He was told to get his weight down and watch his sugar intake. I went along to be supportive and understand the “diet” he would need to follow. To our pleasant surprise, there was no diet to follow, instead we were given a few lifestyle changes and an education on what to avoid and what to embrace to make the changes stick. All the changes have been easy to adopt into our lives. So far, my husband has dropped 15 pounds and his cardiologist is thrilled!
Emily thoughtfully listened, helped sift through all our needs and gave us the most appropriate and down to earth suggestions about where to make changes that would yield the biggest bang. We would highly recommend using Emily for deciphering your nutritional goals and helping to implement an effective plan to keep you on the right track moving forward. She is easily accessible through email or text messages and we thoroughly enjoy our meetings that monitor our progress.

Pediatric Pre-Diabetic

Like many children from blended families, our daughter lives a life with two sets of parents and two households. It means she is constantly switching between different rules, routines and diets.  As a family, we met with Emily Fultz in order to help understand the best approach to find consistency and balance between the two households in order to have a healthy nutrition plan for our daughter.  At her last doctor’s appointment, we were told that she was pre-diabetic and had slightly high cholesterol.  We knew we needed help and nutritional counseling was the first step.  Her mom researched options and found Fit with Food which was highly recommended.  During our initial meeting, Emily helped us come up with a plan that worked for everyone – in both households. She made recommendations for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with various options that were easy and affordable.  She also helped us to understand the appropriate portion sizes which can be challenging in today’s world where children often eat as much as their parents.  After one month of following Emily’s recommended nutrition plan, our daughter’s progress speaks for itself in the way she looks and feels. She has not only has lost weight/inches, she also has an abundance of energy.  We are confident that her next lab tests will show the results of the well balanced nutrition plan we received from Emily.  Thank you Emily for helping us help ourselves in supporting a healthy lifestyle for our daughter!


As a Type1 diabetic and an aging athlete, working out and working harder in workouts appeared the only option however, results were not happening.  I sought out Emily to explore the “other” part of diabetes and sport management- nutrition! Emily’s approach to my nutritional strategy was incredible.  She worked out a daily diet plan, not too complex, that resulted in my having more energy during workouts and improved recovery.  The changes she suggested in my workout and race refueling helped tremendously.  I believe my work with Emily helped me improve my recent half iron time by a whopping 45 minutes!