GI Health Testimonials


Emily helped me when I came to her about ongoing GI/GERD concerns that I’ve been dealing with for years. She approaches her clients totally non-judgementally and made me feel comfortable talking about a sensitive subject. She helped me make small, sustainable adjustments to my diet that has given me tremendous results. I am now feeling better and still know that I can reach out to Emily at any point if I have any questions or other concerns. She is just so approachable and knowledgeable!


I came to Emily with some issues regarding digestion and IBS as well as being in a bad cycle with food. I have always struggled with IBS, but for months I was experiencing such intense gut issues that I was often not eating to avoid the symptoms. I came to her very lost, frustrated, and confused and she helped work with me to to create a specific plan. Not only did she give me multiple tailored options to choose from, but she also helped work around my food intolerances, allergies, and anxieties. Within weeks, her guidance has helped me feel more balanced than I ever have both physically and mentally about food. She is so compassionate and knowledgable, I 100% recommend!

Division 1 Athlete (Food Sensitivity)

I am a Division 1 track and cross-country runner. Last year, I experienced some unintentional weight loss due to a combination of lack of caloric intake with training, and digestion issues which made it hard to eat. When I came to Emily, I was very underweight and was struggling immensely with all sorts of digestion issues- bloating, acid reflux, nausea, constipation. I felt lost. I felt stuck. I knew that to gain my healthy lean muscle and fat mass back, I needed to eat more throughout the day, but I didn’t know where to start. It felt like everything that I ate made my stomach hurt and I was often afraid to eat things for fear of that. For the past 7 months, I have been working with Emily to increase my daily caloric intake and gain weight to reach a healthy body weight again. Emily has helped me to determine which foods I actually have an intolerance too, and which foods I can digest well. She has also helped me immensely decrease my anxiety around food and eating. Most importantly, Emily has helped me to understand the amount of fuel that my very active body needs on a daily basis (which is A LOT more than I ever thought) and therefore, I have been able to put on a substantial amount of weight in the last 7 months. I am still in the process of gaining more weight, but I am so happy that I came to Emily for help when I did. I am currently feeling so much stronger (mentally and physically) compared to how I felt 7 months ago. My workouts have been increasingly better and my mental clarity and happiness has increased as well! Even more, Emily’s personality, attitude, and kindness are so warming. She is always willing to listen to you and work with you. She is able to offer many options to cater to your needs without being harsh or judging.